5 Effective Tactics to Increase Email Engagement With Video

Video content has reached the level of popularity where it can be used with any marketing channel.

Gone are the days when videos only belonged to YouTube and social media channels. The immense power to influence wielded by the visual medium can be used to improve email marketing.

Is the talk of video content bringing up images of expensive cameras, lighting equipment, editing software, etc?

People with limited budgets need not worry about any of these things. You can create compelling content from clips purchased from stock video sites.

It’s that easy. But use videos you must. Because adding the word video on the subject line can increase the email open rate by 19%.

What more can you do to boost email engagement with the video? Read on to know more.

1. Use Customer Story Videos in Your Emails

Hearing you go on and on about your brand or product will get you nowhere. Sooner or later the potential customer will get bored with the constant sales pitch.

There is a better and more effective technique. Incorporate customer story videos as part of your content strategy.

With customer story videos you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hearing satisfied customers talk about your brand begets trust.

Testimonial videos are authentic and they help develop an emotional connection. These videos also reveal a humane side of your brand. Plus, testimonial videos will cost next to nothing.

You may have to invest a small sum in editing. Other than that testimonial videos are inexpensive user-generated content with a higher ROI.

Marketers need not wait for the potential customers to reach the testimonial videos on the website. Instead, take the video to them by delivering the content into their inbox.  

2. Upsell to Existing Customers With Help of Video Content

The ultimate goal of an e-commerce business is to increase sales and profit. It seldom matters where and how the sales are generated.

In marketing, a lot of time is spent on creating brand awareness and acquiring new customers. In the constant effort to boost sales, often businesses overlook a vital fact. It’s easy to sell to an existing customer than to a new prospect.

According to a report, it’s a lot easier to sell to an existing customer. The chances are as high as 70%.  

Email marketing is by far the best channel to boost repeat sales. The customer already knows you and is more likely to open your email.

You can further increase the engagement rate by showing them videos of related products.

For example, if the customer has purchased a financial product, you can reach out to them through video email marketing to promote the more advanced product or the one which offers better growth potential.

3. Improve Email Engagement by Providing a Personalized Experience

The web is over three decades old and still some people are reluctant to scout or shop products online. For them and many others, the web is too impersonal. They can’t be more wrong.

With the help of video, email marketing brands can provide customers with a personalized experience.

This will of course boost email engagement. Plus, a more personalized experience will also help develop a closer relationship between the brand and customer that’ll lead to trust and confidence.

For example, Marketo sent reminders for partly watched videos to subscribers’ inboxes. The strategy worked as the performance report showed a 144% increase in the Click-through Rate.

Personalized content works because the customers will know that the company values their relationship.

Now, to gain more subscribers so that you can deliver personalized content, here are ways you can learn how to build an email list from scratch.

4. Share Popular Videos With Your Audience

Are you struggling to improve the email open rate and the engagement metrics? The easiest strategy with proven results is the use of popular video types in your email marketing campaign.

The videos in the email need not be about your product at all times. Think out-of-the-box, there are several types of video content that both entertain and educate the users.

Share videos that highlight the company culture. Videos that show how the employees bond and the games they play to relax can be shared with the customers via email.

Behind the scenes video is also an opportunity to humanize your brand.

Kids or adults; we all love animation. Even the most complex topics can be easily explained using animated whiteboard videos.

Businesses with a sizable budget for video marketing can also use animation to create how-to videos, which are hugely popular among customers.

5. Create Anticipation and Maintain Interest With Video Series

Marketers can increase user engagement with emails by creating anticipation. For example, you could use an upcoming seminar or event to increase newsletter subscriptions.

On visiting the landing page the users who can’t make it to the event or attend the live seminar can be encouraged to enter their details and email address into one or more floating contact forms on the page. You can later deliver the video to their inbox itself.

You can also use a video series to create and maintain interest in your emails. Users satisfied with the initial content will sign up and engage with subsequent videos in the same series.

Finally, make the task of subscribing to your email easier by adding a QR code to the landing page. The latest email marketing software comes with QR code generator tools.

Final Thoughts

While email marketing was never in danger of extinction it needed a boost to compete with new marketing channels such as social media and messaging services.

The inclusion of video content has recharged the marketing medium. You can get the best of the marketing channel, witness increased engagement and better performing metrics by implementing the aforementioned tactics.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re one of the startup marketing agencies, a multinational company, or a small business, these 5 tactics must be part of your email marketing strategy.

Cristian Stanciu is a freelance video editor, owner and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios or brands all over the globe. I can catch up with him on his blog or on LinkedIn.

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