World Facebook Expert Shares 10 Secrets to Higher Engagement

” ‘Highly shareable’ means the content is relevant to your audience and compels people to share it. Your content should make people stop in their tracks…The content could be breaking news, educational, hilarious, entertaining, or something that’s not typically seen elsewhere. This is the type of content that will make your audience look good to others when they share it.”

Source: Mari Smith

Mari Smith is the world expert in Facebook. So when she tells you to jump, you leap. She always has excellent tips for increasing customer engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) and this list is no different. Let’s take a look.

Mari’s Top Ten Ways to Increase Customer Engagement (for free)


#1. Create Shareable Content 

Post things that you genuinely find interesting that your audience will find interesting too. If you’re a music shop, share videos of local musicians. If you’re a sports equipment shop, share workout plans. Share something that is relevant and interesting to your audience, and they will be more likely to engage.

#2. Include a Call to Action

Including a call to action is SO important. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. You might think, well if people like this, of course they’ll click like! If they love it, of course, they’ll share it! Not necessarily. If you want people to share it, ask them. Invite them to comment on the post with ideas of their own, to share it with their friends, or to simply “click like” if they agree.


#3. Mix Up Content Types

Shake things up by changing up the types of things you post. Post a couple photos, then later on in the day, ask your audience a question with a simple text post. Maybe the next day you’ll share a video or an article.  Mari specifically advises using video regularly,

“There’s a window of opportunity right now with the Facebook news feed algorithm, since not nearly enough businesses are doing video.If you put a higher ratio of video in your content mix (three times a week), it will increase the visibility and engagement of your page substantially. Mix in other content types and you have a recipe for success.”


#4. Use Facebook Live Regularly

Facebook live is a great new(ish) option from FB. It’s easy to use (guide here) and gives your customers a real sense of connection with you and your business. The opportunities are endless. Go live to show off a new product you have. Go live during one of your classes to give customers a taste of what they might be missing out on (then include a link for future class sign-ups). Go live on a scuba diving trip (if you own a scuba shop), or a concert (if you run a music shop), or a sporting event (if you sell sporting equipment). If an event is related to your business and relevant to your audience, try using Facebook Live there.

#5. Design Video for Viewing with the Sound Off 

You have probably noticed videos playing automatically in your Facebook news feed. Maybe you watch them without turning on the sound. Lots of us do. Create your video with subtitles so it can be viewed with the sound off. Your Facebook followers might be interested in the video, but in a location where they can’t have the sound on. Accommodate them.

#6. Try Instant Articles 

Facebook users do tons of reading on Facebook and on their mobile device. Give your articles the edge by using Instant Articles. (How-to guide here.)

When you use Instant Articles, Facebook users can read your article right in their news feed by simply clicking on a button.



#7. Change Your Posting Time 

All of your Facebook followers are not on Facebook at the same time. To have a better chance of getting your posts in their news feed, change up the times you post.

“Try publishing content outside business hours, such as in the evenings and on weekends. Publish when more of your audience is online.”

Mari Smith


#8. Monitor Other Facebook Pages 

Learn from the world around you. Watch other Facebook pages and notice what works for them. What types of posts receive a lot of comments, likes and shares? Mari says,

“To monitor other pages, go to your Facebook page Insights and search for and set the Pages to Watch. Facebook will send you notifications of what’s popular on other pages. Also check those pages regularly to see what catches your eye.”


#9. Drive Traffic from Other Sources 

Utilize other channels you have for reaching potential customers. Talk about something you shared on Facebook in your newsletter and invite readers to weigh in (be sure to provide them with a link to the Facebook post). If you are active on other Social Networks, let your networks work for each other by inviting the audiences from one to engage on another. (Learn about using social media profiles here.)

#10. Embed Posts and Videos On Your Blog 

Do you have a blog? Take advantage of the audience you have there by embedding your Facebook posts and videos on your blog. “To get the embed code for a post, click the timestamp, click the arrow in the upper right, and select Embed” (Mari Smith). (Learn more about using videos here).


Now that you know what Mari’s great tips are, start implementing them on your page!

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