6 Unexpected Challenges You Can Overcome When Starting a Retail Business

When you’re preparing to launch your own retail venture, there are some obvious questions you’ll need to answer; What will you sell? Where will it be? Who will run it? How will it fit alongside your current commitments? Well, for every aspect you’ve carefully considered, there are a dozen challenges you’ve not even thought about […]Continue reading

5 Ways to Be a Better Retail Business in 2021

Most people were absolutely delighted to see 2020 leave and 2021 arrive. However, as the confetti settled, we were left facing a landscape that looked pretty similar to 2020. As a retail business, a lot changed in 2020. Your perspective on how business is done and how to connect with customers and your community was […]Continue reading

4 Tips for Starting A Business With A Friend

If Ben & Jerry could do it, you can too. No, we’re not talking about making premium ice cream, we’re talking about starting a business with a friend. If you and a friend have always dreamed of owning a small business together, check out these four tips to get started. 1. Pick apart your business […]Continue reading

8 SEO Tips for Directing Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

Successfully selling products and services online requires a large amount of customer traffic. Indeed, as the ever-present challenge is to encourage people to visit your website, it is critical that you find ways to persuade them to click on your links.  Fortunately, there are various actionable SEO ideas that can help direct customers to your […]Continue reading

How Video Marketing Increases Conversion Rates

Video marketing can be an excellent tool for increasing conversion rates. In fact, after watching a video about a product, consumers had a 64% higher chance of buying it online. That’s not a number any marketing professional should ignore. Here are a few strategies related to video marketing so you can generate higher conversion rates […]Continue reading

How to Create Value Out of Unused Retail Assets

A business can accumulate a wide selection of assets over the years. Some of those assets continue to deliver value year after year, such as essential pieces of software or even employees with crucial areas of expertise. However, other items in your stack might end up gathering dust in the background as they become less […]Continue reading

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Riding Out Recessions

As of this writing, in January 2021, we are looking ahead to what we hope will be an end to the physical effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re looking at the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to stopping the spread of the disease in its tracks, but as an entrepreneur, […]Continue reading

7 Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Selfies

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the meteoric rise in popularity of selfies. Many people view the Millennial generation as vapid or self-centered when they see how many selfies are posted each day (millions, for the record).  However, selfies are one fad that’s endured for well over a decade. Furthermore, they’re often showcased on prime […]Continue reading

How to Run a Retail Business That Puts Sustainability at the Forefront

Our contemporary business landscape holds great potential for retail entrepreneurs. Even for local mom and pop stores, the digital age offers resources that can help attract new customers and technology that can make operations run more smoothly. However, the world we live in also brings challenges with it. One of the most prevalent is understanding […]Continue reading

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

Did you know that 9 out of 10 customers are likely to read reviews before choosing a business? This is why having good online reviews is essential for your business. But what about negative feedback? Obviously, no one wants to receive criticism or complaints, but the fact is that bad reviews can be good news […]Continue reading