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How the Right POS Is Helping This Small Business Optimize Inventory and Grow Foot Traffic

How the Right POS Is Helping This Small Business Optimize Inventory and Grow Foot Traffic

When you’re running a fast-growing retail business, you need equipment and technology that can grow with you. That’s what one of Houston’s award-winning vape stores, The Vapor Gypsy, discovered as they searched for a POS system that could keep their large inventory of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and brand name vape equipment organized and accessible.


So when they came across Rain Retail, they were thrilled to learn that the POS system is an all-in-one commerce and website solution:

“We use Rain Retail because it brings our POS, our marketing, and our website all into one central place.”


 ~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

Take a look at how Rain POS’s integrated software solved three areas of concern for The Vapor Gypsy:

Challenge #1: Complex, In-flexible Reporting

The Vapor Gypsy needed the ability to generate and print reports with the click of a few buttons. Additionally, the store’s management wanted the assurance that their reports would be an accurate representation of inventory and sales.

“When opening our store, we knew that we wanted the flexibility to be able to check reports on the fly and we wanted it to be cloud based. For us, that was super important.”  


 ~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

Accurate reports are absolutely essential to the operation and growth of any business. Even with an awesome team of employees and a kick-butt business model, without accurate reporting, retailers won’t have a clear idea of what’s working and what needs to be improved.

Solution: Cloud-Based POS System For Simple, Real Time Reporting

The automated reporting provided through Rain POS gives retailers the capability to generate real-time reports that offer valuable insights into the big picture of their business. Additionally, the software’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to execute everyday processes and access details that affect the store’s success.

“Probably my favorite feature with Rain is the reports section. It’s in real time, I can pull the features up, [and] I can see what’s trending. If we’re having a special or sale that day, I can see how that’s going. The reports are very user-friendly. They’re very easy to find, [and] very easy to navigate. You can pretty much run a report of anything you’re looking for.”  


~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

With a cloud-based POS, The Vapor Gypsy can monitor their business anywhere that has an internet connection. They’re now able to view inventory counts, as well as daily/monthly sales totals, profit margins, and automated marketing reports, both remotely and in real time. Plus, the information can instantly be updated from wherever they are.

Challenge # 2: Inefficient Inventory Management

According to Huffington Post, efficiency is crucial to the success of small businesses because it:

  • Improves operational organization
  • Helps reduce unnecessary costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Gives businesses an edge over the competition

Unfortunately, like many retailers, it was taking The Vapor Gypsy too many steps to accomplish one inventory task, which resulted in frustration, mistakes, and a lot of wasted time.

Solution: A Fully Integrated POS & Website That Updates Everything Automatically

A cloud-based POS solution allows The Vapor Gypsy to easily add product information in just one place—in one step—because the fully integrated POS and website system updates everything simultaneously. Managing inventory, customer accounts, vendors, purchase orders, rewards, gift cards, and more, are all seamlessly synced in one system.

“One of the other features we were looking for—the reason we chose Rain—is because it was seamless. Whenever we put our inventory into our POS system, it communicated beautifully with our website. So our point of sale and our website are always up to date. It’s always in real time.”


~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy


“We love how easy it is to create SKU numbers and print barcode labels,” says Vapor Gypsy employee, Ashley Moore. “When new products come in, we just print a new label and stick it on the item. Then, we just scan the items at the register, which makes the entire checkout process a lot quicker and easier.”

Rain POS helps The Vapor Gypsy achieve maximum output with minimum input for more efficient operational processes.

Challenge #3: Consistent Product Representation

“Inventory accuracy is a big problem in retail,” says Retail Dive. In fact, many sources indicate that industry-wide, retailers average only around 60% accuracy, with many individual retailers running below that percentage.

It’s a problem that negatively affects every aspect of small businesses, from store efficiency to customer engagement.

“One of the most annoying things for customers is having to ask a store associate for help finding something. Perhaps equally frustrating for the customer, is when a store associate is unsure of whether an item is out of stock and unable to tell customers whether it is available at another store location without them having to drive to that location to find out.” 


Source:  Retail Dive

Having an expansive inventory of the latest and greatest electronic cigarettes on the market, along with thousands of e-liquids, hundreds of distinct house flavors and premium e-liquids from other manufacturers, plus all the necessary vape equipment, The Vapor Gypsy wanted to improve product awareness and management with the highest degree of accuracy so they could provide their customers with a better shopping experience.

Solution: POS Powered E-commerce Platform That Increases Foot Traffic to Store

With the average Rain Retail customer increasing sales by 20% year over year, Rain POS customers like The Vapor Gypsy are making big strides in retail.

“Now that we have our products all online, we’ve definitely seen a big increase in foot traffic in the store,” says Vapor Gypsy employee, Ashley Moore.

That’s because, their website inventory is powered by Rain POS, so customers who search Google to find vape businesses with the products they want to buy can see that The Vapor Gypsy has them in stock, in real time.

“They can come straight into our store and know that our products are on hand, and that’s been really powerful for our business.” 


~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

The Takeaway

With several vape stores in the Houston area and more on the way, The Vapor Gypsy is confident that they have the right POS & web solution to enhance their growth while handling their day-to-day business operations with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

“I know a lot of shops are using a basic POS system, but Rain [POS] is a way to be able to take your business to the next level. I would definitely recommend Rain Retail.”


~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

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“We use Rain Retail because it brings our POS, our Marketing, and our Website all into one central place.” ~Leslie Dean, Owner, The Vapor Gypsy

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